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At Beauty on Burke, we use the latest IPL technology for our hair reduction and collagen stimulation treatments. Therefore, we use the France Medical E>075 machine.

The Program E>0 device, also called the E>075, is a unique IPL hair reduction device designed for the treatment of blonde, brown and dark hair colour on skin phototype I (fair) to V (dark).

The E>075 IPL device has been designed to be used on the whole body including the most sensitive areas such as the face and brazilian. This device was developed specifically for skin clinics.

Treatment Progress

You will have a noticeable reduction in hair growth after the first session. After each session, your hair will begin to fall out over the next 8-21 days. As sessions continue every 6-8 weeks apart, your hair will become finer and finer and less and less dense. Depending on your hair type and density, after the 6th to 8th session, only one or two touch ups a year will be necessary.


You will need to avoid sun exposure where possible at least 3 weeks after your session as well as wear a 30+ SPF.

Avoid using any irritant products such as retinol, glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide for 2 days post treatment.

Do not use any other forms of hair removal in between sessions except for shaving.


       Pregnant women

       Unusual skin lesions

       People with diabetes

       Unable to treat over tattoos

       Very dark/black skin types

       Skin disease (acne, psoriasis, eczema)

       Grey or red hair (not effective on this hair type due to poor amounts of melanin)

       Photosensitive medications

       Damaged, infected or burnt skin

       Skin with recent sunburn (wait a month for recovery)

       Cutaneous pathology history